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The Wagnalls Memorial Foundation proudly introducesits video series.

The Wagnalls Memorial Foundation has long been a center for arts, culture, and education in Central Ohio.Throughout the year, visitors from around the state and beyond travel to Lithopolis to attend ourfun and engaging community-building events. But when this year’s in-person Art at the Wagnalls festival had to be canceled due to COVID-19, wesought an alternative way to give participating artists and craftspersonsthe opportunity to showcase their talents and the public the chance to learn more about the creative talent found in Ohio. The result is the Wagnalls Artist Video Series: a new addition to the Wagnalls Memorial Foundation’s digital archive.

“This year’s event was to have three art educational activities: two for children to expose them to the benefits of art, and the third designed for adults to experience the life of an artist and the art process,” said Larry Browne. “When the pandemic forced us to cancel the event, we decided to turn what would have been in-person demonstrations into virtual presentations, made possible by the generous support of the National Endowment for the Arts, Arts Midwest and the Ohio Arts Council.”

The Wagnalls Memorial Foundation reached out to area artists, craftspersons, and entertainers to gauge their interest in being part of the video series and received an enthusiastic response, with more than 10 participating. From blacksmithing to ceramics, oil painting to local musicians, the series highlights different participantsengaged in the creative process while sharing the paths they followed to their chosen art or craft discipline.

“Wagnalls Artist Video Series is just one of the many ways The Wagnalls Memorial Foundation supports and encourages the infusion of the arts, culture and humanities into the community,” said Larry Browne. “We are pleased with theseries and grateful to the artists, craftspersons, and entertainers for sharing their stories and giving the public the opportunity to learn more about the creative and cultural diversity in the area.”


Oil Painting: Impressionism

Painting is a fun and healthy way to round out your life.” – Rob
Impressionism originated with a group of Paris-based artists. Theart movement is characterized by small, thin brush strokes with emphasis on the surrounding light and its changing qualities. The most popular Impressionist painters include Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Mary Cassatt, Berthe Morisot, Paul Cezanne,and Edgar Degas.
Angelica & Cody

Ceramics: Molding Futures

Bonded by ceramics, Angelica and Cody met a year ago at Artat the Wagnalls. They found out they had plenty in common when it came to the art form, and turned that passion into the start of a working and personal relationship.


Blacksmith: Tools & Techniques

Watch as 17-year-old artist / blacksmith Luke takes you step-by-step through his learning process and how he became excited about blacksmithing as an art form.


Oil Painting: Styles of the Masters

“I paint because I don’t know how not to paint.” – Leesah

How do you start to become that artist you have always wanted to be? This video explores how a talented local oil painter found her path.

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