Images In Glass Gallery Show


The Wagnalls Memorial Foundation is inviting GLASS ARTISTS to participate in “Images in Glass,” an exquisite glass blowing exhibition presented in cooperation with the Ohio Glass Museum & Glass Blowing Studio.
Together, we are seeking talented glass artists like yourself to display your glass art pieces in a gallery-like exhibit at The Wagnalls Memorial in Lithopolis from July 1 through July 31, 2021.
The purpose of Images in Glass is threefold:
1) To provide local glass artists with the opportunity to showcase their work, gain exposure, and sell their wares.
2) To foster an appreciation for glass art and give visitors the chance to own unique handmade pieces.
3) To educate visitors on the history of glass-making and demonstrate glass-blowing techniques at information sessions.
The exhibition is expected to feature a wide range of colorful glass art by local artists. The artwork will be on displayed during a month-long event which is free and open to the public during regular business hours.
For more information or to participate in the Images in Glass exhibition as an artist or speaker, contact Ray Jasinski at (440) 799-4325 or by May 31, 2021.
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